Amazon:  5.0 out of 5 stars, January 21, 2010

Review By:   Drurygene Boelter

No book could possibly be a more concise or comprehensive guide to maintaining happy, healthy relationships. Without lengthy, boring psychological dissertations, the book offers seven caring habits and presents the seven detrimental ones as well. Both lists are indispensable and fully applicable to all relationships throughout life!



This book is a must for anyone that has experienced the loss of a relationship and the lasting effects of that, or for anyone that has the desire to begin a new solid, loving, and lasting one.

If you put into practice the few simple rules and practices that Michael teaches in this book, it is sure to change the whole foundation of your relationship.  It will give you confidence not only in your ability to constructively cope with the challenges and trials that arise in most relationships, but also the realization that all that you really have to do to be successful in your relationship, is to choose to be.

I was so amazed by the way my views on relationships changed while reading this book,  that I could not wait to share it with the young lady that is in my life now.  She was just as excited to learn about Michael’s teachings as I was and she is also working on making these rules a habit for our relationship.  If you ever have the opportunity to read these books or hear Michael speak, do so.  It is a priceless investment. 

George Ruiz, Scottsdale, AZ.  2/15/10


'Til Death Do Us Part, or 'Til You Piss Me Off,
Whichever Comes First

A Book for Relationships by by Michael Rice, LISAC, CTRTC
Getting along with others, especially the important people in our life has the ability to bring happiness to our lives, to end wars before they even start; to maintain a two parent home for our children; and to put a serious damper on crimes committed against others. This is a book on how to establish relationships and maintain them. By improving the quality of the relationships with those important in your life, you can overcome most of the conflict that you will experience in your day to day contact with them and as a byproduct you will enjoy happiness.

This book is about how relationships go from love to un-love; why relationships go bad; why we do what we do; the behaviors that we choose to do that destroy love; and how to put love and respect back into the relationship.

Table of Contents

Note from the Author 
External Control 
The Seven Deadly Habits 
A Sense of Ownership or Obligation. 
What Draws People Together 
Quality World 
Our Five Basic Needs 
Your Frustration Gap 
Your Behavior System 
Total Behavior 
So What Can You Do? 
Control Your Thoughts 
Control Your Actions 
The Seven Healthy Habits 
Seven Caring Habits 
Tom and Karen 
Penny and Jeff 
Nick and Linda 
Ray and Patty 
David and Judy 
Billy and Gail 
Be a Relationship Whisperer

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What others are saying...

Michael emphasizes the Choice Theory / Reality Therapy axiom that good relationships and self evaluation are the path to happiness.  His book goes far beyond simple behavioral recommendations to the underlying causes, specifically the poor relationships in our lives which are the result of an external control belief system.  Michael uses an easy to read, conversational style, sprinkled with real case studies, which are direct and hard hitting.


Ivan Honey

Senior Faculty William Glasser Institute


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