Mike shares some of his wisdom and experience on various topics of using Choice Theory in his Consulting Practice
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  • Choice Theory with Addicted Populations - A Diverse Approach for the Treatment of Addictions - with  foreword by Dr. William Glasser provides techniques, directives, ideas, and explanations on working with addicted persons, whether their drug of choice is alcohol, street drugs, or prescriptions.

  • Leave Me Alone - If addicted to a drug or alcohol, one probably doesn’t want to face the reality of it even when they know, deep inside, that they are. The shame and guilt associated by not being able to stop is due to society’s perception that an addiction is a character disorder. This is because of all of the crazy things people say and do when under the influence.
  •  Grow Old And Be Happy - We Are a Work in Progress - Mike takes an honest, sometimes humorous look at the aging process, grief and mortality from a Choice Theory point of view

    Mentally Ill or Frustrated and Unhappy?
    - for general audience, this book helps people to understand why people behave the way they do.

Amazon Reviews:  

Grow Old and Be Happy, a good read and a great choice! By Carleen Glasser on September 12, 2016

This is a terrific book full of humor and good advice on how to cope with the aging process! A must read for seniors and anyone who is lucky enough to be one someday. Growing old is not a choice but staying happy as you age is.

L. Holland reviewed A Choice Theory Approach to Drug and Alcohol Abuse 
For Families and Friends of those who suffer
August 30, 2011

This book is a part of Mike's TriFecta -- 3 winners in a row for a troubled, unhappy world.

The other two are 'Til Death Do Us Part or 'Til You Piss Me Off...Whichever Comes First about, guess what, marriage and Happiness Is Just a Bowl of Choices about many other unhappy areas of life.

Mike's writing style is conversational and easy-to-follow by anyone with a friend or family member abusing drugs or alcohol.
"Why do they do THAT?" This book helps a reader understand the simple fact that the abuse of drugs or alcohol is a personal choice that is a method to cope with being unhappy. You did not cause it; you cannot "fix" it.
For a person suffering from abuse of drugs or alcohol, the book is best understood after 30+ days clean or sober.

About half of the book teaches Choice Theory based on the seminal book Choice Theory - A New Psychology of Personal Freedom (1998) by William Glasser, MD.
Mike is a tenacious teacher; not a pretentious preacher.
He describes, in detail, how Choice Theory works in the lives of those suffering from abuse of drugs or alcohol.
And he expands on Glasser's concept that most unhappiness is the result of current poor relationships to include your relationship with yourself and your relationship with your higher power (if you have one, or your comfort with not having one).
Choice Theory is completely compatible with AA (and the 40+ other 12-Step Programs) and any faith or no faith; it should be a required-read for 12-Step sponsors

About half of the book is title-specific (drugs and alcohol) and consists of compelling conversations with Mike's clients, mostly sent to him by Court order. Many (MOST) do not want to be there; some make the best of the situation and learn to make improvements in their relationships and thus improve happiness in their lives.
Clients actually begin to comprehend WHY they do WHAT they do.
Everything: actions, anger, behaviors, guilt, tasks left undone, ...

Hearing Mike speak with passion at a Western Region Conference of the William Glasser Institute (...) was instrumental in my choice to pursue the CT/RTC designation which I received in early 2011.

For professionals working with clients, Mike has written a new book: Choice Theory with Addicted Populations: A Diverse Approach for the Treatment of Addictions (2011).


Kenneth T. Larsen reviewed Choice Theory with Addicted Populations: A Diverse Approach for the Treatment of Addi...

worthwhile contribution to the field of addiction counseling August 27, 2011

Addiction and alcoholism are tragedies that afflict a large number of people in our culture. For those suffering and for those who love them the puzzle of how to cope with the situation is often baffling.

Think of a school of fish. One of them is behaving very strangely. On closer scrutiny, this fish with the strange behavior has a hook in his mouth. The other fish scratch their heads (figuratively, of course) not understanding what looks like self destructive behavior on the part of the fish on the hook.

It's kinda like this with addictions. Mike Rice offers some easily understandable and very practical insights and tools that can be helpful to those trying to help people hold on to sanity in the face of an insane situation.

Applying the principles of Dr. Wm. Glasser, author of "Choice Theory" and "Reality Therapy" Mike dissects the problem and gives the reader useful wisdom and helpful counsel. He breaks the problem into understandable segments, offering tips and information on each segment.

This is a no-nonsense and helpful book that builds on sound theory and moves the reader into practical applications. Highly recommended.

Dr. Ken Larsen, BS, DDS, CT/RTC


Denise M reviewed A Choice Theory Approach to Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Volume 2)

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Excellent Choice for Teachers March 20, 2011

As a teacher in an alternative High School, I have found this book invaluable in teaching the basics of Choice Theory. It not only deals with addictions, but also the basic theory of why we do what we do and how can we can be happy. Students relate to Mike's conversational style and his case studies. I would recommend it for all teachers.


Kelly reviewed Happiness Is Just a Bowl of Choices

All you need to know to make positive changes when negative is all you feel! January 31, 2011

I felt this was a well written well thought out book. I was able to quickly read and process all the information presented. The book reads like a conversation would flow, making it much more applicable to life situations. It helped to give me the proper perspective to make great changes in my own day to day dealing with life.


Kelly reviewed 'Til Death Do Us Part Or 'Til You Piss Me Off... Whichever Comes First. (Volume 2)

Excellent information for anyone in a relationship! January 31, 2011

This book is a very easy book to read and understand. It covers everyday situations that occur in most relationships. It helps to make the reader aware of habits that he or she may not even be aware of that negatively effect our most important relationships. It offers great advise on how to reduce conflict and promote a positive relationship with those most important to you.


George Ruiz reviewed 'Til Death Do Us Part Or 'Til You Piss Me Off... Whichever Comes First. (Volume 2)

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Priceless Investment February 15, 2010

"This book is a must for anyone that has experienced the loss of a relationship and the lasting effects of that, or for anyone that has the desire to begin a new solid, loving, and lasting one.
If you put into practice the few simple rules and practices that Michael teaches in this book, it is sure to change the whole foundation of your relationship. It will give you confidence not only in your ability to constructively cope with the challenges and trials that arise in most relationships, but also the realization that all that you really have to do to be successful in your relationship, is to choose to be.
I was so amazed by the way my views on relationships changed while reading this book, that I could not wait to share it with the young lady that is in my life now. She was just as excited to learn about Michael's teachings as I was and she is also working on making these rules a habit for our relationship. If you ever have the opportunity to read these books or hear Michael speak, do so. It is a priceless investment."

George Ruiz, Scottsdale, AZ. 2/15/10


J. Metzger reviewed A Choice Theory Approach to Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Volume 2)

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Great Book January 22, 2010

This book is a great book for people who live with or are addicts themselves. It also is a great book for dealing with just everyday problems. It kept my attention all the way to the end.



Drurygene Boelter reviewed 'Til Death Do Us Part Or 'Til You Piss Me Off... Whichever Comes First. 

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No book could possibly be a more concise or comprehensive guide to maintaining happy, healthy relationships. Without lengthy, boring psychological dissertations, the book offers seven caring habits and presents the seven detrimental ones as well. Both lists are indispensable and fully applicable to all relationships throughout life!

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